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Run successful PPC campaigns right from the back end of your online store. Adwords4Less is a piece of stand-alone software that will synchronize your AdWords account with your shopping cart. Upon synchronization, your ads will be automatically enabled or disabled based on the current stock levels. You'll also be able to update ad texts and prices from the back end of your eCommerce shop without having to log in to your AdWords account.

  • Display product prices in Ads
  • ISwitch ads on/off based on stock levels
  • Update ad texts from store backend
  • Automate, save time and reduce costs
  • Easily manageable product PPC campaigns
  • No routine; focus on business development
  • Reduce Costs by up to 40%
  • Increase Conversions by up to 30%

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Although PPC is great in terms of quick ROI, it may not be the best option in the long run. As far as marketing one's products or services via the Internet is concerned, SEO or search engine optimization is the most efficient practice to ensure that your prospect customers will choose you over your competition. Unlike PPC, however, SEO cannot bring you quick results. It is usually a part of a long-playing strategy to ensure your constant or organic visibility across major search engines.


PPC campaigns, when managed efficiently, bring handsome ROI while providing great promotional opportunities to your brand. The beauty of it is that you pay only for keyword phrases that are relevant to your business and only if your ads are clicked, thus getting the most targeted traffic, flowing one click at a time to your web site. However, being one of the most dynamic types of advertising today, PPC requires a great deal of careful management.

With thousands of advertisers competing for bids on the best-selling keywords, PPC ad campaigns require constant attention and on-the-fly adjustment to ensure that they stay competitive and effective. In fact it is a time-consuming process, which also requires a lot of experience and knowledge to get it right. And this is exactly when PPC management comes to the rescue.

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