B2B Ecommerce Solutions

As B2B commerce grows in popularity, so does its competitive nature. Expectations from potential and existing customers have increased as B2B ecommerce solutions have developed and improved greatly in recent years. Any B2B solution needs to have a proficient design and incorporate easy to use ecommerce tools. The sole purpose of engaging any B2B technology is to streamline existing business processes and improve efficiency in commercial interactions. These requirements are not only to make it easier for the buyer, but also to increase and improve the relationship between the two businesses.

Ecommerce is an integral part of the way companies do business today. From small and mid-size businesses to large enterprises, successful B2B Ecommerce solutions can reduce operational costs, increase sales, and strengthen relationships with trading partners.

Ecommerce for Your Website: A New Frontier for Your Website

There are many ways that you can bring ecommerce to your website, you want to decide if you want to build a whole site or just build a store on your current site. Here are many of the options that you can consider. There are many different options for you if you are thinking about selling your products you could be thinking about doing it through ecommerce sites like EBay or through Amazon. If you are doing it through one of these third part sites, you do not have to maintain your own site which is nice. In addition to that you also have the ability to leverage their audiences and you will be able to see others who are using these products.

The next option you have is adding online ordering and an online shopping cart to your website. That means that you can keep your products and your product lines very simple and that you will be able to reach out to many by using quick and easy technology. You can always buy and add buttons to your site and there are plenty of simple ways to do this such as with PayPal and Shopify.com. Services allow you to be able to sell without a lot of programming.

Another option for you to handle your online selling is to have a complete ecommerce store. There are many solutions that are out there that are completely out of the box. However, you may also want to have a customized site built so that you will be able to have access to the best resources and be able to make any changes that you want to make.

Something you need to remember though is that when you have a site you will have to drive people to your site and encourage them to shop. It is not something that you are just going to stand up and people are going to come to the site. Also you are going to want to make sure that you have the people and the resources to work with you in the event that you have a few technical issues and you need assistance. There is nothing worse than passing up on money because you have an issue with your site and you are not able to get it fixed right away. A part of your planning process needs to include the people you want to have helped you with the site.

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Top 10 Techniques for Driving New Traffic to Your Site for Ecommerce Sales

When it comes to being successful in ecommerce, one of the most important parts of that process is figuring out how you are going to get people to come to your site. People do not just accidentally stumble upon sites; this is a very carefully planned process that requires a lot of work on the company’s behalf who are seeking to get the traffic to the site. Let’s take a detailed look at the best methods.

1. Have One Product on your Homepage.

If you sell a lot of different products, the biggest issue you may have is that people may be confused about what you do. Considering that the average end user spends around 15 seconds on a site before they are onto the next thing, it is very important to have very few products. You will see that fewer products always translate into higher sales.

You want to make sure that you really isolate your key users and your key group. That means that when you are designing your homepage, you want to focus on that specific group that you want to please and make sure that you have all of their needs met on the first page. In addition to this, you want to add a sales letter which will also be a part of your home page so that you will be able to bring your users right in.

2. Change Up Your Opt In Offers Regularly so That You Have a Huge List!

First of all if you are asking what an opt in offer is, that is the first issue. An opt in is a free gift that is given to people who want to be a part of your mailing list, that means that they are willing to get something and share their email address with you for regular updates. Your job is to keep them interested and that means that you should have 2-3 different free gifts to ensure that you are always offering something new and fresh to the subscriber.

In addition to this, you are going to want to make sure that the subscribe link is on every single page of your site, this will ensure that people know how serious you are about sharing the gift with them. In addition to this, you want to position your sales letter in the top left hand side of the website as that is the place that people will look at all times. Another thing that you need to think about is the fact that you want to keep your sales letter somewhat short, otherwise you will lose the attention of your visitors. Also ensure that you have their attention by having glowing references and statements of your experience and authority all over the main areas of your website.

3. Try Hover Ads!

These are ads that are not pop ups, what they do is they tell visitors to your site about special deals that you have going on. The average person who begins using hover ads will see a 162% increase in traffic as well as many new subscribers to newsletters and to other offers. People realize that the ads are designed for their interests and are based on things that are important to them and are much more likely to click the link.

4. Have Powerful Headline Copy That Changes!

When viewers come to your site you have around 30 seconds to convince them to stay on your site and that you are adding real value for them. What that means is that you have to have a headline that is full of emotion, that grabs attention and that brings the reader in right away. When you have that you will be able to tell them why they should buy your product and what it is going to do with them in 100 letters or less as the headline. You will also want to have quite a few variations of this so that you will be able to provide meaningful content and change it up to bring in new views.

5. Solve a Problem in the Web Copy!

We all have problems, and the one thing that you want to be able to do the second that someone comes to your page is provide them with an instant solution. You want to make sure that the copy is full of emotion, that it solves the problem, and that it also explains how you can relate to them. The bottom line is that you have to build a relationship with the audience so that they will have faith in the copy.

6. Share Your Company’s Credentials!

When someone comes to your page, you want to be able to share your credentials right away so that the person who is visiting your page feels confident in the information you are sharing with them. You want to make sure that your copy has your credentials as well as a few great quotes that explain what your product or service does. You want to tell the buyer why you are the best person to deliver that solution and why there is no one else out there who can do it like you can.

7. Think About Your Visitors!

When it comes to writing great copy, your copy needs to focus on your site visitors. It should not be all about you. Part of this is making sure that you are changing your pronouns. You should not be talking about I and me, you should be bringing the customer into the conversation by using pronouns like you and your. This will establish what you are doing with the customer and will build trust as well with the visitor because you are already positioning them with the solution.

8. You Need to Instill a Sense of Urgency!

You want your customers to be convinced that they need to buy your product or service right away. You need to tell them what the benefits are, but you also need to focus on what they get if they buy right away. You should try these suggestions.

1. There is a limited quantity of the product or service.
2. You offer additional free offers with the sale.
3. You offer them an additional quantity bonus for buying right away.
4. Offer your customers a limited time discount so that they will be interested in making the purchase right away.

9. Remove All Discussion of Buying From Your Top Sales Copy!

You want to be very careful when you are making references to buying; you have to have gotten the customer into your product and convinced them why they need it. The bottom line is that if you are already talking about cost as well as speaking about the details, you will lose your customer. You need to have their faith and confidence. If you make a change to your site and then are speaking about the value add more than using these terms that all end users run from you will have many more paying customers.

10. Images Convert Copy to Sales!

Let’s face it; we are all programmed to buy images. When you look at advertising that is painfully clear considering that everything is sold with images. Should your product be any different? Human beings are very visual creatures; we want to see what we are buying and know that it is real and that it is something that we can put our hands on. Add images to the top of your page and see the amount of traffic and sales that you get from this simple addition. There are many images out there that you can use that are royalty free or stock images. If you are looking for something really nice, consider getting a subscription to a premium image depot that can provide you with so many premium images for the subscription price.

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Copy That Converts

Getting copy on your website that converts is something that takes time and take a bit of practice, however, you will be amazed with the right words, images, and copy how you can see your sales skyrocket.

How to Build an Online Shopping Cart

Every site that is profitable these days, including Facebook pages has an online shopping cart, and that is something that you are going to want for your site so that you can sell what you need to quickly and easily. But there are so many providers out there who are trying to offer you the “best” shopping cart, how do you know which one to choose? Here are the most important facts.

  1. PayPal: This is a great way for you to go when you are getting started. It is relatively affordable with a onetime set up fee of 179 USD and a 20.00 USD fee for over 500 transactions. There are additional options for you if you think that you need more transactions.
  2. Checkout by Amazon: There is no upfront cost, but there is .30 per transaction as well as 1.9% of the transaction, that amount increases over 100,000 USD to 5% of the transaction. It is a great way to get started but can be a more expensive option if you are not careful in the long-term.
  3. Google Checkout: This is another great option for someone who is just starting out. There is no cost to get started. However, you will have to pay .30 cents per transaction and around 2.9% when you cross the threshold of 3,000 USD.

B2B ecommerce solutions deliver the following benefits:

  • Improve operational efficiency by automating processes to reduce customer service costs, eliminate order errors and accelerate quote-to-cash cycle;
  • Provide a rich customer experience to build stronger direct relationships that make it easier to do business;
  • Manage multi-tier product and price entitlements, contractual terms, and business policies easily with trading partners;
  • Allow buyer centric marketing to maximize opportunities for growth by empowering the marketing and merchandising users to manage sites and campaigns without IT involvement and make it easier to increase account penetration with online cross / up-sell offers;
  • Enable and manage branded sites for multiple trading partners on a single platform;
  • Prevent competitors from capturing market share.

Build a new sales channel for your existing business online with our B2B ecommerce solutions. By allowing your customers to place orders, check pricing, invoice history, stock levels online, you not only provide an invaluable service, but also reduce your operating costs on servicing those customers. We can provide robust, feature rich, cost effective B2B Ecommerce solutions suitable for your business. We have a proven track record of helping customers take their business to the next level through trading online. The transformation to our client’s sales and profitability speaks for itself.

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