Business Management Software with eCommerce and ERP Features

A top-notch eCommerce platform is being developed by Holbi to become a ground breaking solution for small & midsized enterprises by providing a strong set of shopping cart and business management features.

As a forward-looking company with extensive experience, we couldn't help but embark on the challenging task of developing a new breed of eCommerce platforms, which alone could take care of all of the major operational activities of your enterprise. Indeed, what else could you, an online retailer, wish to have with a greater passion than a robust and reliable all-in-one management solution for your business? If you are a typical eBusiness owner of today, you are most likely to employ several systems scattered across your company: a shopping cart hosted with company X, locally installed accounting software Y and a CRM or ERP application Z, each running in its own separate environment and each maintained by its own separate manufacturer. The detrimental nature of such a business model is self-evident – loads of repeated data entry and no transparent informational channels between your company's different business functions. The latter is sure to disrupt your otherwise successful business, causing you and your employees no end of trouble and preventing your business from becoming as successful as you want it to become!

However, soon you won't have to put up with anything like this, as our brand-new eCommerce platform, WebRetail365 is going to integrate a cutting-edge shopping cart with best-of-breed business management tools of today. A one-of-a-kind hybrid system, WebRetail365 is being designed to revolutionize the way online businesses are run today. And there is no exaggeration or stretching the truth in this last statement. Just let's go over a few key benefits of the system.

1. Benefits to the Top Management and Business Owners: 

  • Transparency of business processes which breaks down departmental barriers
  • Facility to grow your business and make it at the same time more efficient 
  • Real-time role-based visibility of the whole operation, including orders and billing activities with detailed statuses and history
  • Multiple Sales-Channel functionality will allow you to create as many online shops as you need and manage them under one roof of your integrated account
  • Instant access to your business management solution from any place in the World, using conventional desktops, laptops, smartphones, etc
  • Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) will allow executives to view the status of various business processes in real time, including KPIs and milestones. This allows for making better-informed business decisions as well as quicker problem identifying and solving.
  • The system automates processes and allows for real-time synchronization of data coming from different departments
  • All-in-one eCommerce solution for all parts of your business, fully implements your business model and reduces the number of utilized 3rd party systems making business management simpler and more reliable

2. Benefits to the Marketing and eCommerce managers:

  • Flexible & Customizable Pricing Models, including volume discounts based on cost price, fixed prices, RRP, etc.
  • Manually set or fully automated cross-sell & upsell recommendations based on the previous customer purchases
  • Support for multiple sales channels, including full eBay & Amazon integration to extend your customer reach
  • Boost sales volumes by using coupons, discounts and gift certificates
  • Advertising campaign module gives you a detailed insight into your campaign performance metrics
  • Full tracking and detailed reporting of the performance of your products and marketing campaigns 

3. Benefits to the Logistics manager:

  • Each product and combination of attributes can be assigned a separate SKU with its own inventory and pricing
  • Monitor your inventory levels in real time (Allocated stock, Physical Stock, On Order Stock, etc.)
  • Easy integration with your partner transport companies
  • Stock transparency and history of changes and allocations
  • Suggested re-order list to avoid stock deficiency

4. Benefits to the Sales Manager:

  • Real-time payment processing via multiple 3rd parties (PayPal, Google Checkout, Sage Pay, WorldPay, Barclays, HSBC, etc)
  • Support for different credit cards and currencies
  • Real-time monitoring of all customer interactions, including emails, phone calls, chats, etc
  • Tracking and reporting on each store's sales activity
  • Sales KPIs
  • In-house and remotely connected sales staff can be given the same access to the system if required

5. Benefits to the Accountant:

  • No need to change the Accounting software as WebRetail365 fully integrates with all major accounting packages 
  • Full transparency and extended standard reporting on sales, purchases, payments, refunds and stock with export facilities
  • Custom report building facilities 

6. Benefits to the General User:

  • Easy-to-use software interface
  • Event Organizer (calendar & task manager)
  • Personal KPIs