Conversion and Usability improvement

Are you spending more and more money on advertisement online but not winning any more clients? Is your website traffic increasing, but your client base doesn’t get any bigger? We know why this is happening and can fix the situation.

First of all, let’s define conversion for eCommerce websites. The notion itself implies the actual transition of website visitors into customers, subscribers or reaching any other ‘end destination point’ of a given site. eCommerce conversion rate reflects how many website visitors turn into actual customers therefore it is extremely important for any online business, no less than website traffic, content or design.

For achieving higher conversion rates there is a number of optimising activities that should be performed. Among them are constant updates of the look and feel as well as the content of the website, its functionality and usability improvement. Analysis followed by additional design and development can increase turnover and guarantee profitability of the business. With these tools no special advertisement will be required, because the updated website will be attracting even existing customers yet again.

Another condition of growing conversion rate is, of course, appealing pricing which can be offered every now and then through special deals and discounts.

Following the latest industry trends as well as watching your competition is one more requirement to keep your conversion rate up.

At Holbi we improve eCommerce conversion rates of webstores, optimising design and navigation, as well as give recommendations on contents enhancement. Our standard eCommerce conversion improvement service lasts for three to four months, depending on the end results, that already show in one month.

However, prior to all the improvement work, we analyse your website in terms of conversion and come up with our action plan prepared exclusively for your online business. We are open to discuss and explain every step of the way, our project managers and developers are ready to communicate with you during all the conversion improvement process up until the end date and through support period of time.

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