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 I would just like to thank you for the smooth and efficient transfer of the Amp3 website to the Holbi servers. It has been the best server transfer I have experienced. Well done to your hosting team. 
- Josh Welensky,

Being a long-term provider of eCommerce services, with hundreds of satisfied customers throughout the world, we truly know all twists and turns of eCommerce web hosting to ensure your online store is hosted in the most efficient environment for your business. That's why we also provide a range of managed eCommerce web hosting services tailor-made for your eCommerce solution. And we do imply fully managed solutions, which mean we make it our responsibility to take good care of your server, ensuring that your online store runs at its best performance at all times.

eCommerce Shared Hosting

After many years of hard work in the realm of eCommerce, we've learned to create perfect eCommerce web hosting conditions for eCommerce web sites, including configuration of PHP, Apache, MySQL and other server settings. As far as eCommerce is concerned, providing secure payment processing environment is crucial, that's why all our servers are configured to comply with the PCI DSS 2.0 security standards. We also constantly monitor our servers to be able to resolve any unexpected issues before they affect your account. For superior reliability and data security, we create a full backup of your account every 24 hours, storing a total of 7 subsequent backup instances, so that you can roll back to any of them, if necessary. Moreover, should there ever be a loophole in your web site's security, we'll always come to the rescue and apply necessary patches within a short time period. Our shared eCommerce web hosting allows only for a limited number of accounts per server, which ensures enhanced speed, performance and reliability.

eCommerce Dedicated Hosting

 DAA would like to thank you for your professional work taking care of our main site server migration. It is very reassuring to know we have good people to reply on when needed. All seem to be working 100%. 
Eli Huttner, Double-Alpha Academy B.V.

For bigger eCommerce players out there, we are willing to satisfy bigger eCommerce web hosting needs, by offering you our managed dedicated eCommerce web hosting services. We will provide you with a powerful, PCI-compliant, highly secure server, not shared with anyone, but entirely dedicated to serve your web site's needs. Unlike many eCommerce web hosting providers who claim to offer the impossible - unlimited server bandwidth, the bandwidth and port speed you get with us, will never be lower than the values you specified in the ordered server configuration. Each of our dedicated servers gets equipped with two hard drives combined in a single unit via the RAID 1 storage technology, which keeps data continuously mirrored between the two drives. This means that in case any of the drives fails, the data will be easily and quickly restored, reducing downtime to a minimum. Apart from enhanced computing powers allocated to you alone, you will also get a team of professionals dedicated exclusively to managing your server, so that you can concentrate on developing your high-end online shop and growing your business.

All of our hosting packages come with 5% and 10% discounts for 6 and 12 months' subscriptions, respectively. Furthermore, if your web site is not SSL-certified, we'll be happy to provide a shared SSL-secured channel for your customers to use during checkout. Alternatively, you can buy an SSL Certificate with us.

SSL Certificates via Holbi

To ensure the necessary security level for your customers' transactions, we offer SSL certificates at only a fraction of the certificate issuer's price. Although, you may not need your SSL right now, you'll definitely have to get one before your online store goes live.

Technician and Administration Support

Our team of professional server administrators is available to you whenever you need them for complex and emergency administration services. Our administrators can perform any kind of server maintenance, backup restores, server hardening, security audits, migration or other services you may need on a per-issue basis.


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