Mobile Ecommerce (M-Commerce)

Hassle-free Optimisation of Ecommerce Websites for Mobiles - New Mobile Ecommerce Solutions

Holbi’s new Mobile Ecommerce software can optimise any Ecommerce website for smart phones such as iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile. Due to a small screen size, no mobile device can provide the same viewing experience as laptops or desktop PCs. But once our solution is integrated into your Ecommerce website, the latter will look its best on all modern mobile devices.

The benefits of integrating our new Mobile Ecommerce software into your website include significant improvement in the browsing experience of your customers who use mobile or smart phones. You are sure to see an almost immediate increase in the number of orders or requests for your products and services, which will speed up the growth of your business. Additionally, integrating our Mobile Ecommerce solution will result in more conversions, orders, increased profits and improved profitability of your online business without bearing any extra marketing costs.

With our solution the online ordering of your products and services through mobile or smartphone devices becomes as easy and convenient as ever. We will design new templates for all the pages of your website, including Product page, Product listing page, Shopping Cart and Checkout pages, Home page and Informational pages and make them compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile.

As part of our commitment towards rewarding our faithful clients, we are offering you and some other selected customers of ours this new Mobile Ecommerce solution once you place your order with us.

Our team of talented and technically skilled personnel is always ready to deliver highly customized solutions to meet every need of your business.

Contact us today for our special offer on the Mobile Ecommerce solution and take a full advantage of this brand new software.

Examples of Mobile Ecommerce web sites

To be fully impressed by the look and feel of our mobile Ecommerce site please re-open this page on your smart phone. 

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