Magento Connector for QuickBooks

Magento Connector for QuickBooks

Full connection between QuickBooks and Magento is now possible. Benefit from fully automated time-saving technology. Download error-free customer accounts, orders, and invoices from Magento, and import them directly into QuickBooks! Manage a single product catalogue in QuickBooks and have any pricing, stock, or other changes uploaded to your online shop automatically!

Our Magento Modules helps to customise your online shopping store for better results.

Our team of magento modules developers uses their extensive ideas and experience to provide better and enhanced services. These magento modules are required by any online store owner to make a difference to their store and increase their customers.

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Business processes optimised!

With Magento Connector for QuickBooks you can easily manage your store and your online orders at the same time. Your accounting, customer management and stock control become fully synchronised.

You Win By

- Having the business synchronised

- Avoiding extra business costs

- Investing more valued time in the business

Saving time from routine, investing time in business!

You can save up to 20% of your time usually spent on order processing, to reinvest in your business, or to treat yourself. Let osCommerce Connector for QuickBooks take care of the routine tasks. No errors and no mistyping when:

- importing online order data

- importing customer data

Magento Connector for QuickBooks allows a business to fully automate the data transfer process between their eBusiness Solution and MYOB. Magento Connector for QuickBooks allows a company to fully maximize the potential of their QuickBooks software.

Manage only ONE product catalogue!

Now your product catalogue, product status, and stock figures can be managed from one and the same place. In addition, Magento Connector for QuickBooks supports modification of the following product properties:

  • model number and product name
  • product description and image
  • product price and stock figures

Benefits of osCommerce Magento for QuickBooks:

  • Reduces Data Entry Costs
    The transfer of data to and from your online store is fully automated. This can greatly reduce data entry costs.
  • Increases Data Entry Accuracy
    No costly mistakes by manual entry of data. Accuracy of data transfer guaranteed.
  • Timeliness of Data
    Data can be downloaded and uploaded quickly and efficiently. Set the data transfer scheduler to suit your individual company needs.

Main Features

  • Integrates with QuickBooks SimpleStart, QuickBooks Regular, QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier
  • Fully automated order download
  • Offline catalogue maintenance
  • Fully automated catalogue upload
  • Minute, hourly, daily or weekly data transfer scheduling
  • Secure data transfer
  • Automatic customer account creation in QuickBooks
  • Downloads UNLIMITED orders
  • Synchronises stock levels between QuickBooks and the Online Store
  • Maintains extensive logs
  • Automatic notification of system updates
  • 12 months warranty
Products to site

Upload main product properties (such as name, SKU, description,price, stock, images, etc) to Magento from QuickBooks. Creates new products or updates existing products by SKU.

Product quantities to site

Synchronize stock levels between QuickBooks and Magento. Runs automatically, faster than full product information upload.

Order downloading

Download customer account information and full sale order details from Magento.

Product downloading

Downloads product information from Magento into QuickBooks. Recommended for when you have an empty QuickBooks product database as a one-off measure.


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