Online business consulting

Online retailers, like all other businesses, constantly look into various ways of how to improve their business, increase the turnover and make it more profitable.

Having found Holbi you can look no further, as at Holbi we have eCommerce industry's best skills and experience to offer you consulting on how to make your online business better, win over the competition, grow turnover and improve profits.

How does Holbi qualify to offer consulting?

The Holbi team have created and launched, or improved, over 1,000 eCommerce web sites over the last several years.

We have customers in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia, New Zealand, Israel, Oman, Japan - almost in any country in the World.

Holbi's customers sell services and products online, ranging from computers to yoga equipment, from adult toys to child toys, from city sightseeing tickets to Asian sweets. Our customers range from family owned businesses to international corporations with billion dollars turnover.

We learn from every customer, and we are happy for our customers to learn from us. We accumulate the experience, we study business models, we offer solutions that improve businesses - it is an ongoing process and we are at the very edge of it in many online retail industries. 

And we will readily share our experience with you!

Online business consulting - what can Holbi offer?

At Holbi we can offer a variety of specially designed services in order to help you to grow your online business. These include:

  • Increase Internet traffic - we have a selection of online marketing services to offer, consisting of SEO (search engine optimisation), PPC (pay per click) management, Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn), viral marketing, and so on.
  • Increase Mobile traffic - Holbi offers a selection of mobile eCommerce services to make your online store compatible with the latest mobile browsers and appear optimised for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and other mobile platforms.
  • Increase conversion rates - Holbi's usability experts will review your web site and prepare a list of recommendations in order to grow conversion rates to convert more orders having invested the same amount into marketing and advertisement.
  • Increase average order amount - in order to grow turnover and profitability of your business we will offer solutions to increase average order amount by offering your customers relevant products and services throughout their user experience on your web site.
  • Increase repeat business - repeat business comes from the most loyal customers. They do not waste time researching for alternative online stores as soon as they are satisfied with the quality of products and services that you provide. Holbi will help to better understand what products and services customers would like to buy on a regular basis, what customer service they expect, and how to communicate with customers in order to encourage them to place more orders.
  • Cost effective payment processing - having worked with over a hundred payment solutions available to online retail, Holbi will be able to recommend the most cost effective online payment processing solution that will be optimal for your business model, turnover and product type. Our partners include Google Checkout, PayPal, Sage Pay, WorldPay, Barclays, HSBC, and many others.
  • Speedy delivery solutions - at Holbi we have experience working with the leading delivery, logistics and warehousing specialists, including Royal Mail, Parcel Force, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Amazon and others. We will assess the solutions you are currently using and will offer ways to optimize this part of your business to make it even more efficient.

Does my business qualify?

It does, absolutely, as soon as you have an online retail business and are willing to grow it, improve it further and further. At Holbi we are happy to work with all the customers, but we especially enjoy working with companies that strive for perfection, that want to grow to offer better service and products to their customers and improve their own turnover and profit.

If this describes your business - you qualify! Contact us today and let our Business Development Experts improve your online business!