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Customer osCommerce Development

If you need to create a new web shop, update an existing osCommerce site, add customer payment processing modules, or optimise an osCommerce site for Internet Search Engines – we are there to help you. Any customer, from a start-up retailer to a mature online business is welcome to take advantage of our off-the-shelf solutions, as well as tailor made products developed to address all your requirements.

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Multiple frontends / Multiple stores in osCommerce

There are many pros and cons about turning an osCommerce website into multiple online frontends and having it linked to the same backend and the same osCommerce database. But even though a significant amount of development should be invested, provided with proper marketing efforts an osCommerce multiple frontends system can become quite effective and repay for itself in no time.

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Update Existing osCommerce

Holbi have developed a range of updates for osCommerce, and we carry on adapting, developing and creating utterly new modules to take osCommerce to the next level.

Our specialists will advise on different options of upgrading the graphical interface of your website, integrating SEO, implementing easy checkout, adding osCommerce modules and utilising any of the osCommerce services provided by Holbi. We frequently suggest our customers to try our TrueLoaded version of osCommerce with many new features for you and your customers.

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osCommerce Integration with Amazon

Holbi’s osCommerce Development team have detected the easiest and the most effective approach to integrate webstore owners’ existing eCommerce websites into their Amazon Marketplace accounts – the most popular platform for traders to use as a second online retail channel that allows advertising and selling to a virtually bigger audience.

Holbi provides osCommerce store owners with a simple in use, automated solution that will significantly amend the performance of your online business by integrating osCommerce with Amazon.

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eBay Integration with osCommerce

Holbi’s osCommerce Development team have detected the easiest and most effective approach to integrate webstore owners’ existing eCommerce websites into their eBay accounts – the most popular platform for traders to use as a second online retail channel that allows advertising and selling to a virtually bigger audience.

Holbi provides osCommerce store owners with a simple in use, automated solution that will significantly amend the performance of your online business by integrating osCommerce with eBay.

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Pixmania osCommerce integration service

Holbi’s osCommerce Development team distinguished the way to optimise online business of osCommerce store owners by integrating their eCommerce websites with their PixPlace accounts!

We provide a simple in use automated solution to considerably optimise the performance of online businesses by integrating osCommerce with Pixmania.

The solution is also available for webstore owners based on Zen Cart, X-Cart, CubeCart, and Magento!

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osCommerce Skins and Templates

Holbi employs web design professionals for creating exceptionally impressive skins for osCommerce apps on an individual basis:

  • Especially developed Design Checklist is utilised to gather requirements from a customer;
  • If there are any existing solutions, they are reviewed by our team for better understanding of style and preferences;
  • Up to three mock-ups are produced providing options to select from;
  • Selected design is integrated into osCommerce

While the frontend is being optimised we usually recommend our customers to alter the backend as well. Top reference from our side is usually TrueLoaded version of osCommerce. Switch to osCommerce and an Update existing osCommerce services are handily provided by us too.

For the cases with ready-made design templates we provide design integration service.

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Move osCommerce to another server

Holbi has come up with a brand new Move osCommerce to a different server Service. Our experienced team will accurately migrate the site and /or database to another server, ensure the configuration of your osCommerce webstore is properly recreated in the new location. We will take care of your site and the database, help with the domain name, and SSL certificate. We will minimise the downtime, and ensure the migration is done as smoothly as possible.
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Switch to osCommerce

Switching to osCommerce is a rational decision when managing an eCommerce webstore becomes troublesome. If complaints about finding products or placing orders from customers go up each day, order tracking, reporting, statistics and various marketing features are not working properly – switching to osCommerce can become one of the most effective solutions to fix these issues all together.

We will develop an eCommerce website for you based on osCommerce, apply the design of your choice or create a unique brand new design. With us you will not have any downtime during the switch to osCommerce – we will copy your product catalogue, customer data and orders data to the new system in the most accurate way so that your clients are switched over to using your new shop right away.

Check out our software modules and additional services, and feel free to contact us.
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osCommerce – why?

osCommerce Online Merchant, created and maintained by osCommerce, is top popular open source eCommerce solution available online. Thousands of users have had their stores built on this reliable solution based model, highly customised for every specific need. The speed of configuration is very fast and installation takes minutes, which enables selling products online almost instantly. The simplicity of configuration allows for proper indexing by the major Search Engines. Built-in functionality provides total flexibility of the osCommerce platform, in addition to which there are hundreds of contributions to upgrade osCommerce and the means to make it compatible with third party accounting systems. osCommerce is the power behind thousands of webstores bringing impressive profits each year.

Because osCommerce is such a flexible system we took the liberty of supplementing it with the best tested contributions by developing and adding the new osCommerce modules of our own. As a result we have created a unique ‘loaded’ version of osCommerce. We call this solution ‘TrueLoaded’ and it is only available for our customers and their clients.
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osCommerce Development Methodology

We at Holbi continuously strive for providing top quality business solutions based on osCommerce technology. Since the year 2002 Holbi has been involved in creation of effective eCommerce solutions for businesses. We participated in creation of more than 1500 osCommerce webstores, and the number is constantly growing. So does our team of osCommerce Development Specialists which has already reached the number of 60.

Holbi’s osCommerce Development Methodology is simple yet effective and only consists of several steps.

It’s been demonstrating positive results with osCommerce project of any size, from just a several hours’ work to relatively big osCommerce projects that last up to 12 months.

Remaining on top of osCommerce Development Holbi osCommerce Development Team always delivers to osCommerce store owners exclusively effective premium quality osCommerce solutions.

At Holbi the projects always fall under the following phases:

  • Approach and Preliminary Analysis
  • Analysis and Negotiations
  • Contract
  • Project Planning and Management
  • osCommerce Development and Quality Control
  • Project Acceptance
  • Maintenance and new projects

Once the project is completed, we proceed our work with the Customer through osCommerce Support Service.

Our major goal is long term business relationship with the Customers, beneficial to both sides. We pride ourselves in taking over new requirements from the Customers that get back to us over and over again. Correspondently our osCommerce Business Analysts address existing Customers with new business improvement ideas.
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osCommerce Marketing

We have developed a set of osCommerce modules, statistics reports, and various services to meet all of the marketing (and development) needs of osCommerce store owners. Here are some of the modules:

  • osCommerce Marketing Newsletter Module
  • osCommerce HTML e-mail service
  • Sales statistics report for osCommerce
  • Referral statistics reports for osCommerce
  • SEO for osCommerce etc.

Contact us to learn more about these and the other modules, and find out about our osCommerce Marketing Services.
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osCommerce Usability, SEO and Conversion report

Many webstores, both osCommerce and non-osCommerce based, face usability issues daily, their potential clients have difficulties finding their webstores in search engines and for the same reason the visitors of their stores do not turn into customers and existing clients do not come back as repeat customers.

Our highly qualified professionals at QA and Business Development departments will perform analysis of your osCommerce webstore, and will put together a report about the ways to optimise general usability, make a website search engine friendly, monitor and boost conversion rates.

NOTE: Due to the high volume of requests this service may be provided within 5 business days or longer. Please contact us in any case, and we will get back to you immediately to let you know when your personal Conversion, osCommerce Usability and SEO report would be ready.
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osCommerce Ratings Programme

Holbi eCommerce Quality Rating for osCommerce is made to optimise industry quality criteria while more webstores improve their security, usability, reliability, performance and some more parameters. It happens to be a part of the strategy we endeavour for the increasing quality of webstores based on osCommerce. Favourable eCommerce Quality Rating allocated by Holbi to webstores proves its reliability and helps building trust of end customers, their confidence in placing online orders with a particular webstore.

To participate, an online merchant should contact us and apply for a FREE review. The review will be completed by our highly qualified osCommerce Test and QA professionals immediately. The online merchant will be provided with a detailed report and advised on the eCommerce Quality Rating appointed to the webstore.

The ratings range from 3 stars to top quality. Once a rating has been assigned it can be reviewed in a month’s time. Online merchants are welcome to turn around their webstores between the reviews following our recommendations to get a better rating during the next review. Those osCommerce webstores that received 5 stars or top quality ratings are provided with corresponding graphic images, and get listed in Holbi’s eCommerce Quality Rating directory. Don’t miss the chance – get your osCommerce online store rated by Holbi and contact us now!
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