osCommerce SEO modules

Customer Testimonials
Allows your customers to post online their opinions about shop goods and services. Every positive testimonial shows other buyers that this shop is popular and reliable. Customers testimonials posted on site should be approved by an Administrator to be displayed on site. Moreover, the Testimonials page is important for SEO: it is frequently updated, and also, we can show 3 last comments on the Home page that is SEO-friendly since the Home page is the main page of the site.
Direct URL
Allows an osCommerce Admin to create any Product URL. Store Product links will look clean and be SEO and Pay Per Click targeted.
Google Base Optimiser
Helps to reach better Products positions in Google base by Products Content improvement. Your actual product parameters are changed only in Google base and kept as they are on site. Full compatibility with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+
HTML and XML Site Maps
Creates HTML (Categories, Information pages) and XML (Products, Categories, Index page) Sitemaps for Search Engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN.
Landing pages
Landing Pages are widely used in SEO and PPC. They could show any of your products or describe some of them. You can choose any name, URL, products, meta-tags for such page.
Most popular searches/Search cloud
Helps both shopkeepers and customers better understand the situation with keywords searched for and popular products. Good solution for SEO and PPC. Full compatibility with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+
Order Analytics
Order Analytics Module helps you as a web shop owner analyse sales situation of your business and enhance general marketing in your shop by using accurate and full statistics of orders made by customers. It demonstrates Orders Payment and Shipping information, quantity of items in orders, gender of customers who made orders, their country of origin, time and day of order processing, and more. Full compatibility with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+
Product Second Name
Creates special field in Admin part where another name for a product could be created. This name will be widely used on page in different places and products appropriate to this name will be added to the 'Products Related toï¾…' Box.
Optimises or creates your own Robots.txt file and writes special rules of indexing your pages by Search engines. Compatible with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+
SEO Bestsellers Box
Bestsellers box contains many keywords, which this feature allows manipulating. This is a good step to reach the better keywords density of your web store.
SEO Footer
Footer box can display any information a web shop owner specifies in Admin Panel (products, categories, common text, HTML text, etc.). Even the links to any pages of any other sites, for example, to your partners' sites.
SEO for osCommerce - 2
Ideal variant for companies or individuals, which always want to be on Google and Yahoo top positions. Includes default SEO Module features and some major Improvements. Full compatibility with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+
SEO Images
This is a great solution for SEO! This module makes your website images names keyword-populated. It automatically renames all product image names (small, medium and large) for SEO, and so increases keyword density on the web pages. Even more, it can add some additional keywords to the left and right sides of the image name in Administrative Panel. All these will certainly increase your webshop Search Engine rank.
SEO Manufacturers
Manufacturersï¾’ pages are important for SEO as they contain keywords-rich data related to the manufacturers. We improved this section and now keywords, meta-descriptions, meta-titles and URLs are edited from Admin part.
SEO Reviews
It is important to have Customers Reviews located on the Product Info page, because this content written by human being is valuable for a good SEO Page Rank.
SEO to SEO-2 addon
For those store owners who already have the SEO module installed, but want to have a SEO-2 module to improve their manufacturers and content management pages. Full compatibility with osCommerce 2.2 MS2+