Terms and Conditions of Holbi Guarantee and Support

At Holbi we understand the importance of your Ecommerce web site for your business. That is why we offer our support from the first moment you contact us.

We are always happy to support our clients and employ a dedicated Customer Support team to offer our services when they are needed.

Holbi gives a 1 month full guarantee on all of its web sites and solutions. In the very unlikely event of anything going wrong with your online store or other solution delivered by Holbi we kindly ask you to let us know about it immediately so that our Customer Support team could assess the situation and fix the problem quickly to ensure uninterrupted and correct online operations. This service is naturally provided FREE of any charges.

You can use the following ways to report a problem to our Customer Support team:

We would like to note that our guarantee is only applicable to the web sites or solutions delivered by Holbi, and where no further changes were made by the 3rd parties or the customers themselves. In case changes were made by the 3rd parties or the customers and this resulted into certain issues with the web sites originally delivered by Holbi we will still be happy to offer our help and solutions but would need to charge our standard rate of £50 ex of VAT per hour, response time up to 2 business days for the support service. However you can also use the benefits of our Customer Support packages to find a better deal that suits your online business needs.

Holby reserve the right to cancel the Support Package and return the remaining money to the client.