A must have – new plug-in for Gedit!

We required a temporary solution for the internal needs, so we developed a plug-in that allows flicking from the opening bracket to the closing, and backwards.

The installation process is as follows:

  • Download the archive with the plug-in (the archive is enclosed to the plug-in)
  • Unpack the archive in the folder ~ / .gnome2/gedit/plugins /.
  • Open Gedit and in a dialogue Edit–Preferences—Modules enable Matching Brackets plug-in.
  • To switch between the brackets use a combination key Ctrl -]

We are convinced that switching between the brackets is essential functionality for all existing text editors and therefore hope that this module will one day be considered by Gedit developers and integrated into the next versions of the editor. So far no further development of the plug-in has been planned.

Download plug-in