Baku Australia

Baku is one of Australia’s leading swimwear brands. Behind it are Dax and Tamara Bykerk, a brother-sister design duo, whose vision and hard work have earned their enterprise a reputation of the best-selling swimwear brand in Australia. The Holbi team has done a great job designing a new promo web site for the brand’s 2011 swimwear collection –

Being an incredibly design-savvy customer, Baku Australia were very thorough and specific regarding the site’s design. Holbi’s design team took up the challenge and performed the task with flying colours. The look and feel of the site now truly reflect the brand’s sophistication coupled with elegance and simplicity – the attributes that have always inspired brand-new designs in the mind of a contemporary artist.

The Baku collection has had a huge success in Australia and now it is being largely exported across the world, including New Zealand, USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Hong Kong and Thailand. While the Baku collection is already attracting lots of beach fashionistas, another sexy portfolio of stylish swimwear pieces, aka the 2012 Ginja collection, is waiting to be nested on its own web site, currently under development in Holbi Labs.

Baku Bikini horizontal