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10 tips on how to launch new e-commerce website in less than 1 week

10 tips on how to launch new e-commerce website in less than 1 week

While  some  businesses  are  dealing  with  new  challenges under the circumstances,  others  may experience uplift in sales and growth, and need  to  quickly  launch new e-commerce website to satisfy the demand for their products and services. 

Holbi has compiled a list of 10 tips and ideas on how to

launch new e-commerce

website in under 1 week:


  1. Limit your product range and enure products are well described

    e-commerce online store

    has to have a very clear offering of products, with all products clearly described, with good high quality pictures that will look good on desktop, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone screens
  2. Re-confirm supply chain
    Customer satisfaction very much depends on how quickly you can fulfil the orders. In these challenging times it makes sense to double-check if the suppliers maintain satisfactory level of operations, have enough stock, and can provide delivery or drop shipping services. Sometimes the decision to choose a more expensive supplier will have to be made because of these reasons. 
  3. Ensure

    order processing and dispatching

    can be achieved
    Same as with the suppliers, it is important to ensure your own operations can run maintaining necessary health and safety measures according to the latest government recommendations and rules. And that the shipping carriers (if you dispatch orders from your warehouse) will be able to offer reasonable delivery times.
  4. Confirm

    new website

    name / domain
    This is a standard step, but of course a very important one - to choose new website's name and register domain. HolbiHost can offer help here.
  5. Select

    e-commerce platform

    Selecting an e-commerce platform normally takes a while. However if you need to launch new online store very quickly, ensure the selected

    e-commerce solution

    can be easily managed and modified by you or the hired agency, that products and other content are easy to set up and edit, that payment and shipping methods are a plenty, that design can be chosen from templates and / or easily edited. Of course it needs to be priced reasonably and offer support and development services in the future, in case the new business picks up. Holbi recommends TrueLoaded Ecommerce software; you need to choose one which you feel comfortable with and that "ticks all the boxes" for you.
  6. Choose hosting package (in case of self-hosted platform)
    Hosted e-commerce platforms come with pre-built hosting packages. However for self-hosted e-commerce software you will need to choose hosting provider and package. It is important to know how many visitors are expected to the new e-commerce website to choose the most adequate hosting solution. Level of support and security of the e-commerce data are very important too.
  7. Select simple and nice design template
    To start a new e-commerce business you will not necessarily need a very complicated advanced design template. All is needed is a simple easy to use and easy to edit e-commerce design that very clear and highlights the products. You will also need a new logo, of course. Holbi can offer logo design and website design template services.
  8. Write down core site texts
    For the new website you will need good authentic product descriptions. You will also need some text for the About, Terms and Conditions, Shipping and Returns, Disclaimer sections of the new website. Such texts do not have to be too long but they need to provide users with all essential information about your business, its values and practices. 
  9. Identify most efficient payment and shipping solutions
    Payment methods should be popular, available to most of your users, secure, and also - quick. Quick and easy for the users, of course, but also quick for you to get funds into your bank account. Therefore, when choosing new or existing payment solution - it makes sense to check how quickly they can transfer the money paid by your customers direct into your business current account. This is needed to maintain good cashflow in the business. 
    Shipping carriers - check how the current situation has affected their operations, and what are the realistic expectations as to the delivery times. 
    It makes sense to have 2 payment solutions and 2+ shipping options for users to choose from.
  10. Create new site or hire an agency to do it
    Some e-commerce platforms (like Holbi's TrueLoaded, for example) provide a very easy-to-use tool set for customers to create their new e-commerce sites themselves. Others require some in-depth knowledge of technology and a lot of code modifications. Consider this when choosing the platform and then consider hiring an agency in case you need help. Holbi's team of e-commerce professionals is always happy to help build a new e-commerce website very quickly.

Have any comments or questions? Interested in getting a new e-commerce website launched quickly? We would be delighted to hear from you!

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