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Holbi Covid-19 response

Holbi Covid-19 response

Holbi Group is responding to Covid-19 situation, is taking it very seriously, and is and will remain fully operational!


At Holbi we take health and safety of our team very seriously, and also take seriously business of our clients. Here are a number of measures we have taken to ensure non-interrupted operation:


- additional measures in our offices to reduce health risks for our staff


- preparation  for  work  from  home  for our team members, with full availability  on  phone,  Skype,  and  other messengers, and access to necessary project data remotely


- cancellation of all on-site meetings with our clients until further notice, domestic and international


- HolbiHost team works and will work in a regular mode, 24x7


Holbi is open for new business as usual, continues working on existing projects, supports businesses in the UK and globally.


Have any comments or questions? Send us an email on info@holbi.co.uk!