BullseyeMedia now runs SEO.CO.UK

Bullseye Media, a leading Search Engine optimisation and Pay-Per-Click provider throughout the UK,  and a sister company of Holbi, launches SEO.co.uk.

Having passed a few rounds of the silent auction, Hitesh Patel and Vadym Gurevych, the managing directors, have won the bidding and acquired the domain name.

Vadym said, ‘We are very excited about the new prospects which are available to us now that we have seo.co.uk. As leaders in the industry, we are thrilled to have a name that truly shows what we are all about. All of the effort and energy we expended to obtain ownership of the domain name was worth it’.

Hitesh added, ‘We are looking forward to expanding our online presence as an SEO company, thanks to the acquisition of this domain. At this time we are concentrating on developing this as a new brand for our company. However, we will continue to bring top quality services to all of our clients, we are happy to be able to offer our best of breed services to international giants such as Ebookers and also to SME’s trying to expand their sales in these difficult times’.