Buy Box

Amazon introduced the ‘Buy Box’ that can be won by certain rules. The ‘box’ is allocated considering the level of products quality which is expected to be high, price of products, timely order fulfillment and excellent customer service. A merchant is qualified to win the ‘Buy Box’ after they have been selling with Amazon for over 90 days with 90% of positive feedback.

If you are a new seller, however, you will only be featured in the main listing, should you win the ‘Buy Box’. The box itself is located on the right of the product detail page.

Only those listings that belong to eligible sellers may win the ‘Buy Box’. Amazon does not guarantee that any particular seller will win the ‘Buy Box’ for a product. However, the following steps to increase the winning chances may be taken through following the next guidelines mentioned in the help pages mentioned below:

The Buy Box 
View My Performance Summary 
How do I win a higher Buy Box Percentage?