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In a marketplace where small CBD oil companies are being gobbled up left and right by larger organizations with fat test books, it is refreshing to know there are still brands on the market like Green Roads, who to this day are still a 100% employee-owned business.

Lazarus doesn’t sell a ton of another CBD goods, but the ones they do sell are legitimately top of the shelf.

They provide both a "Standard" plus a "High Potency" lineup of products, which cater to a wide array of clients interested in using CBD for various different reasons.

"I am a military veteran and receive 40% off. Green Roads is an unbelievable brand that is doing great things for all Americans. Continue the excellent work. "

Lazarus is an American owned and operated CBD brand which consists of a small team of cannabis industry specialists, farm supervisors, and researchers. They have all of their products tested with third party laboratories to prove both consistency and security, and can offer some of the lowest prices in the industry since they use Kosher ethanol as the extraction medium instead of expensive CO2-based machines.

What’s more, if you can confirm that you are either a U.S. military veteran, disabled individual on long-term disability, or a part of a low-income family, you may be entitled to a 40% reduction on most of Lazarus CBD goods.

Lazarus is a West Coast firm (Washington state) that operates on regular working hours. You may get in touch with them between 9am and 5pm PST at 206-909-3354.

Green Roads is currently a very affordable brand, and if coupled with their free shipping offer for orders over $50, they’re definitely among the best values in the marketplace. 40% off for veterans, individuals with disability, and low-income families. One of those things I really really enjoy about this provider is the fact that they make an effort to supply high quality, cheap CBD goods to individuals who otherwise probably wouldn’t manage to manage it. In reality, part of the mission statement is that they were founded "about the belief that CBD should remain available to those who need it . " High Potency lineup of CBD. Concerning potency, it’s uncommon to find a CBD oil brand which provides over about 25 mg of CBD per serving/dose. Lazarus’ High Potency lineup, however, packs a whopping 60 mg dose per serving, and can be more than cheap in comparison to some of those "more popular" companies out there 100% employee owned and managed. In addition to being among those very few employee-owned CBD brands made on the market, Green Roads CBD oils continue to be made in the USA, with all of their hemp plant material grown and sourced right here domestically. Some CBD companies are hush-hush about where they receive their hemp plants out of, but maybe not Lazarus. They supply all of their organic material from authorized industrial hemp farms right here in the U.S., and extend laboratory verifications their goods come from strains which have been genetically bred for CBD richness.

The principal thing I dislike about Green Roads is the fact that they don’t use CO2 extraction. Most all of the top brands nowadays use solvent-free CO2, at it’s safer and does not denature the CBD compound. But, Lazarus uses a Kosher ethanol solvent to extract the active compound from the hemp plant material, which is likely why they’re capable of offering such potent products at such low rates.

Solvent-based CBD extraction can in reality be very effective and safe, as long as it is done responsibly and correctly. I feel that Lazarus is one of the very few brands on the market that a) knows how to properly work with chemical compounds, and b) takes them time to evaporate the finish product to be certain it’s 100% pure and free from any solvent residue.

In reality, they’ve confirmed lab tests on all of their batches to prove they don’t contain any harmful chemical residues.

– it was day and night difference. "

I’ve so far only used the Lazarus High Potency CBD oil lineup, but I will mention a single 60 mg dose completely wiped my migraine headaches, also worked incredibly well for helping me receive a good, restful night’s sleep.

I harbor ‘t tried either of those flavored kinds, but I shall say the flavorless tincture really is not bad at all. Some CBD oils have a powerful earthy/bitter tasted that’s almost unbearable to swallow, but the berry taste with Lazarus is actually very subtle. I’d recommend even if you’re pretty picky about taste and flavor.