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For example, we still do not understand many diseases that afflict cats.

According to the supervisory authority under the responsibility of the City Council to determine the directions of the President does not fit to issue binding instructions to the executive body municipalities on how to deal with a particular matter – according to the reasons for the decision. According to the governor too “far-reaching should therefore be a way of editing directions of the executive body, which aims to give them the character of binding arrangements” and use in the context of the resolution, “phrases and words indicating their binding nature in relation to the executive body.” Voivod reminded that the resolution of the directional by nature are not binding, but merely “define postulated. Recommended mode of action of the executive body of the municipality.” The cancellation of this resolution announced on Friday Krakow “Gazeta Wyborcza”. Councilor Nina Gabryś told PAP that he would want him in next year’s city budget included money for the implementation of such an educational program. We talk with the Department of Education for its conduct – she added. Read more increases for teachers.

Piontkovsky: The money is guaranteed, the subsidy will be increased 7 hours is two hours longer than students from OECD countries (an average of 5 hours), but less than half of young Chinese who spend household tasks up to 14 hours – writes “Election” .Read ALSO: Spells? Polish grammar school great with computers, but not by school teachers >>> According seven hours is not mu Continue reading