“Do it yourself or delegate?” – that is the question

A well known phrase “if you want something done right, do it yourself” does not always work,  especially not in a carefully selected team of professionals and proper management.

A familiar situation is when a manager assigns their team members to the tasks, leaving the most complicated ones to themselves. That’s not  right  at  the  very core  –  sooner or later such a manager will find themselves   snowed  under   a  pile  of unfinished projects that can not be  completed   on  time. So what is the key to all this ‘do it yourself’ business? The answer is right in front of you – delegate, but think it through before trusting your tasks to someone else.

Before there is someone to pass part of your work to, there is an actual hiring of the team players. So when a group of specialists is being formed and you affect the choice, it’s best to consider a future possibility of whether you would trust your own task to this person in the future or not. Other factors, of course, are no less important.

Among  them  are  the appropriate level of knowledge (obviously a very important  part),  readiness  for  the  interview  (demonstrates an overall  ability  to get ready for a meeting), presentability in terms of  facing  a  client  (either it is existing experience or presence of potential  for  growth),  team fitness (team members should be able to work  on a project together without inside conflicts), self-motivation (except  for  financial  encouragement, other factors should push your colleagues  to  work;  one of them could be a strong desire to produce high-quality    products   to   customers’   delight),   initiative (self-starters  are  valuable  employees),  organisation  (ability  to organise  one’s  work  is  undoubtedly  essential  for  any  project), innovation  (thinking  outside  the  box can never hurt a project, usually  quite the opposite), and last but not least communication, or rather  an  ability to explain all parts of work on different levels – from primitive to advanced, for clients and co-workers.

However, communication is also vital for you as a manager when you decide on assigning your work to others. Be sure to bring all the crucial points, don’t omit the details and spend some time on Q&A. Ultimately, among all of your most responsible subordinates there are always those that are better fit for simple tasks, and those who can easily deal with a complex job. Choose accordingly and delegate. Don’t do it all by yourself!