Holbi’s brief history of 2011

The second half of the year 2011 was quite eventful for Holbi so we decided that the top news summary is in order, and we would be more than happy to share it.

Back in September Holbi launched new mobile versions of eCommerce website software with a real bargain in package. Basically once integrated on an eCommerce website, the mobile solution automatically would enable optimisation of the website in terms of usability and marketing efforts for both mobile and smart phones, among which are iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and many others.

Later in the month another great deal was offered to Holbi customers – eBay and Amazon integrations for eCommerce websites. The main features that were implemented in the software included optimised order download, automatic change and update of an order status, simplified product upload and immediate update of the stock levels. Integrations could be acquired separately or in a bundle with significant discounts.

In October we suggested a set of activities to turn around a retail business, which covered traffic and average order amount increase as well as conversion and returning customers rates improvements. Four new modules were specifically designed to increase conversion rate of online businesses.

Social Networks Login, one of the solutions, would enable the use of social network login details for a webstore instead of creating a new account. The module synchronises an eCommerce website with Facebook accounts and customers get redirected to the webstore of their choice within one click.

Facebook Storefront in its turn would ease up the online buying process by synchronising a webstore account with Facebook.  Through a single click on the selected item a customer would get redirected to the webstore and make a purchase.

Speed Up Service as a solution speaks up for itself – it was created to reduce the website loading time from several seconds to just 0.3 seconds, which gets crucial when potential customers surf a number of webstores with similar products and stop at the one shop that meets their needs.

Google Maps is a small addition to any webstore that has physical premises for the customers to shop. It helps guiding the customers by displaying the Street View as the map gets zoomed. It can be added to a website through filling out a standard form with required parametres such as description, coordinates, zoom, angle etc. in the admin section of the site.

November was rich for events. It started with Sage Pay promotion for osCommerce retailers that allowed for 3-month deal of free transactions during the holiday season for only £60. In return for new Sage Pay sign-ups the users would not only continue having their card transactions securely processed but also get a chance to utilise the latest protocol and merchandise suggestions of the largest independent payment service in the UK. Containing iframe capability the Sage Pay Server would now offer retailers a completely optimised checkout flow as well as decreased PCI compliance requirements. And because Holbi closely works with Sage Pay payment service, we have always been on alert to support Sage Pay users dealing will all the new Sage Pay functionality implemented into any retail osCommerce webstore.

Another great news of the month was Holbi’s Unlimited Newsletter service. Its main function was to send any number of e-mails to any number of subscribers. Having utilised our own servers to deliver the newsletters we’ve been enabled to track and ensure that all the subscribers receive the actual e-mails. Additionally, Holbi provided training and all the assistance upon request for Unlimited Newsletter service.

Pre-Christmas spirit was in the air by the end of November, and Holbi’s customers felt it too. All the customers and subscribers of Holbi group of companies (Holbi, DataLink, Bullseye Media (SEO.CO.UK as of 1st January 2012), WebRetail365, Kayako Solutions, WebHat CMS and Unlimited Newsletter) got an amazing opportunity to receive 12 months of absolutely free Premium Support package. The only condition was to order any products and/or services with Holbi worth £1,495 or more already in December and the Premium Support package would be attached free of charge.

Important changes within Holbi took place in December. For the purposes of growing company’s Customer Support department, providing additional training for the support developers and managers as well as extending the Knowledge base and investing into corresponding Customer Support platforms, Holbi introduced new annual Priority support package, Pay-as-you-go and Monthly Minor Development packages.

Lastly we would like to thank every customer of ours for trusting their business to us through all this time, and remind that we at Holbi are always on the go and will keep you posted about the news within the industry in general, and our company in particular. Have an exciting 2012 filled with success, and we will do our best and work hard to make this happen!