Integration of Your Online Store with Amazon and eBay

Streamline your online business and give maximum exposure to your products

If you still haven’t started selling on eBay and Amazon then you’re simply ignoring a tremendous opportunity to reach out to hundreds of millions of customers worldwide. Most online vendors have recognised the benefits of these two giant eCommerce marketplaces, by making sure their products are listed there. The only downside here is that you have to invest much of your time in managing all these third-party selling channels, while your online store is not being taken good care of. Truth be told, manually processing sales orders on Amazon and eBay is extremely time-consuming and error-prone. Add managing your own store into the mix and you may see no end of misplaced orders, delays in payment or order fulfilment, incorrect product delivery and other errors which result in customer dissatisfaction. This all can be avoided, however, by implementing an integration of your shopping cart with Amazon and eBay.

Our solution will synchronise either Amazon or eBay (or both) with your eCommerce platform and let you manage all these selling channels from within an integrated back end of your store. Once integrated, you online store gets a feature-rich instrument panel to easily export product details with custom images, descriptions, shipping info, etc., while a dynamic communication between Amazon/eBay and your online store is being maintained. This means you will sell across multiple channels without worrying about keeping track of your stock levels, as they are continuously updated.

Integrating your online shop with Amazon and eBay will optimise your business efficiency, increase your ROI as well as your brand awareness as your company will be present across multiple channels. Available at just £59 per month, the solution is backed up by our full support with regard to any changes in the eBay and Amazon APIs.

Supported shopping carts include Magento, osCommerce, CRE loaded, Trueloaded, CubeCart, X-Cart and Zen Cart.