March news report

Traditionally, we started spring with many events on our agenda and hurried to share them with you.

Our design and development team built yet another internal project to be launched in a few months, and continued working on and websites.

Holbi’s existing customers such as TotalPDA, Tattooforaweek,,, Ambala Foods, continuously return to us with more and more requests. Moreover, our service impresses the new clients as well.

We have eventually launched the Fashion Emart website and created a few eBay templates for some of our clients.

A number of newsletters was designed and sent out for BedRoomPleasures, AMP3, Amabala and 1-800 Bakery.

Later on we have reviewed several websites of our customers and suggested improvements to increase usability and conversion rates.

Holbi Support Department has been quite busy in the first month of spring signing up more and more clients for the Annual Support package. We have now 21 websites in our “paid support circle” and this number is constantly growing.

Kayako Department of Holbi Group has updated the website with recognisable brands on the main page, and added several new modules to the “selling basket”, such as “Timer Module”, “Kayako Integration with SalesForce CRM”, “Service Catalogue Module”, “SpellChecker Module” and “Ticket Translator”.

The SEO Department in the UK has been moved to the new office in London to a convenient location right off the Trafalgar square only 30 yards away from the tube station.

We have also improved the Home page of the SEO website through implementing a free review form. Some pages were updated as well. Additionally, we have reanimated a Webuildlinks project to be launched in April.

We have gained several new customers and some of them are currently being optimised for the Russian market.

Certain changes to the link building strategy were proposed and they are now being discussed.

Team meetings about new technologies were introduced to the staff, enabling both managers and the rest of the team players to remain on the cutting edge of the industry through constant learning and practicing.

Stay tuned and we’ll get back to you in April!