Marketing campaigns performance tracking

At Holbi we are not just eCommerce development specialists, but rather experts in eCommerce as a whole, and always at the leading edge of eCommerce industry. Holbi has recently come up with a new marketing tool that allows for tracking performance of online AND offline marketing campaigns resulting into customers placing orders.

The major challenge that drove us to create the module was first of all analysis of combined effort of online and offline marketing campaigns. Besides that, there was a mix of various campaigns happening simultaneously in similar media sources. For instance, Google Shopping, Google Organic, Google Adwords could all effectively function in Google and usually there was basically no way to follow the initial location of a particular customer and  find out how many times they went to the site before placing their order at the same time. Additionally there was a case when a whole set of various campaigns would occur at the same time in the same media and on the same channel. For example, there could be several campaigns in Google Adwords with Google Adwords displayed directly on Google search results or on other partner websites.

Holbi implemented a facility to track the initial customer referrer: website, URL, parameters, or coupon code that they used. This information is stored on the customer’s computer in a special cookie (website terms and conditions should be amended accordingly), so the procedure is repeated whenever the customer comes back from a different source. At the time of placing the order the information is restored from the cookies and saved into the database. Then the access to the customer’s “path to order” is effectively received: the number of times they visited a given website on average, the media / site where they first saw the advertisement of the company or a particular product they took interest in, and which particular ad it was, the last site/media where they saw the ad before placing the order, etc. Ultimately a report can be run, providing all this crucial marketing information. It enables monitoring the performance and efficiency of the marketing campaigns.

Moreover, the same method also allows for monitoring efficiency of the offline campaigns. At the time of taking the order over the phone it is very likely that the customer is looking at the website at that very moment. The customer is asked to scroll down to the bottom of the page and find the referring code that is displayed there. Then the code is added to the database and it becomes possible to track offline orders just like online.

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