Mobile Takeover

It’s no secret that mobile technology is spreading fast, far and wide. Multiple researches show that most websites go mobile right next to the main site release. Google alone predict that by 2013 mobile searches will take over the desktop ones. That becomes pretty obvious with the appearance of Apple Siri and rapid development of its rivals from the giants of the search industry.

Holbi – a leading bespoke eCommerce solutions provider – held its own research in November 2011 to show that most of the company’s customers would prefer their websites having a proper look and perfect functioning regardless of the user’s device. Meanwhile, 10% to 30% of traffic to the customers’ sites comes from mobile devices, mostly from iPhones, iPads and Android-based phones.

The fact is that billions of phones are sold yearly; the number of new applications is outgrowing half of the actual population. And if you sell online, do you think your store is ready for Mobile takeover? Can your mobile clients easily navigate through your product catalogue, see product details and place online or telephone orders? If at least one of your answers is ‘No’, you can count on Holbi for we have a quick and cost effective solution for you, and it’s only one phone call away!

We will produce a special frontend for your website that will be fully optimised for viewing on a mobile phone and ensure it runs smoothly alongside the main frontend of your website.