More than 10,000 orders per month with osCommerce!

Customers often ask us if osCommerce is a reliable and robust solution and if it is good for not just small businesses but also for what is considered medium-sized businesses.

Our answer is always – yes, it is possible to use osCommerce to successfully run a multi-million online business. A good number of our customers do it and their positive experience proves us right.

One of our customers has received a record number of orders this month – over 10,000. This is more than 300 orders per day on the average! The web site is based on Holbi TrueLoaded version of osCommerce, hosting platform consists of just two servers – one for the database and one for the web site.

A lot (and we mean – a LOT) depends on the hosting platform. We have good contacts with hosting providers in the UK, Germany, and USA and employing a team of Server Administrator professionals can design and later maintain a required hosting configuration for any customer.

We welcome businesses of any size from all over the World to get a free non-obliging quotation from our Sales team.