Multibillion Dollars Business Acquisitions

Multibillion Dollars Business Acquisitions: eBay’s Dynamic E-commerce Strategy

With a growing roster of eBay’s recent strategic multibillion dollars in acquisitions of businesses which are all in different strategic areas of ecommerce, it’s very clear eBay is working on going forward in the expansion of its online retail business and consolidating its hold on ecommerce and also get closer to shoppers. Among the latest acquisitions includes RedLaser, Milo, Brands4Friends, GSI Commerce which was reported to have cost eBay .4 billion in cash and debt, and the mobile ad firm which was bought over by eBay for about 5million in the third week of April, 2011 according to a reliable source.

The online shopping giant was confirmed to have added RedLaser; a well-known mobile barcode-scanning iPhone app with a track record of millions of downloads prior acquisition by eBay. With RedLaser’s successful acquisitions, there is no doubt that eBay is out to increase its listings into hundreds of millions thereby making price comparison very easy for their teeming customers.

In its expansion bid, eBay was reported to have parted with a sum of million for the acquisition of Milo just six months after concluding the purchase of RedLaser. Milo is an ecommerce website that tracks the inventory of more than 50,000 stores including Best Buy and Target real time. Milo offer eBay the trillion dollar market of consumers who make online product research before buying the items in physical store. With Milo, eBay stands to capture product consumers both online and offline since Milo has always been in the business of linking online product searches to specific retailers.