osCommerce meeting in London

On Friday the 11th of December Holbi took part in the osCommerce meeting in London.

The meeting itself was the culmination of Harald Ponce de Leon’s visit to London; he also spent some time with other team and community members in the days before the meeting.

The meeting was held in an European-style bar just off Oxford street (area of Central London). Unfortunately it was quite loud in there so talking to other people was a bit challenging.

We came up with a short list of the most important questions we wanted to discuss with Harald and other osCommerce activists. Our main question and biggest concern was about if osCommerce was going to be developed further, whether it was still an alive project or not. Good news – we were reassured it was the case. Harald confirmed the Beta version of osCommerce 3.0 was due very very soon and additional versions (3.1, 3.2, etc) would be released soon soon after that.

Our next question was if Harald was working on the project on his own. Interestingly enough this was the case up until October or November this year. As of then one more person (Mark) joined as a member of the Core Team. Mark is based in the UK and we hope to be in contact with him any time soon.

Our final question was about competition with Magento and other Ecommerce solutions, whether Harald was going to try to make osCommerce #1 open source Ecommerce solution again. We received a confirmative response. Harald thinks of version 3.0 as the new core of osCommerce. He reckons a lot of features will be easily added in further versions that will follow soon.

We also discussed our company’s profile, our values, where our business is going and touched the history of our involvement with osCommerce. We offered to give reasonable support and feedback based on the practical use of osCommerce on our projects.

Overall we were quite pleased with what we heard last Friday, and will now look forward to seeing all those things implemented soon!