PrimRose Accessory, Brand-New Web Shop in US

Being a British company, we are always happy to share our expertise and the best eCommerce practices with the rest of the world. Such was the case with one of our American long-term customers – Based in Texas, USA, they operate five stores in different cities selling fashionable accessories, handbags and jewellery. Unlike most enterprises today that import their products from abroad, Primrose are manufacturing their products in the US, which certainly gives them a commercial edge. We know it because the guys from Primrose have been working with us for over 10 years now on a variety of Ecommerce projects.

In an understandable effort to bring their business online, the Primrose stakeholders turned to Holbi to provide them with an eCommerce solution that would be a feature-rich online store which meets their current business needs while leaving enough room for further development and growth. The result of our collaboration was an online shop that works fast, looks great and is very good at converting site visitors into buyers. Although, their product catalogue is still being updated, the online store is already attracting a lot of customers.

Coming soon is our next project with Primrose which will involve Social and Search engine marketing.

Primrose horizontal

Primrose Accessory