TrueLoaded Ecommerce 3.2

Holbi is proud to offer the newest version of TrueLoaded Ecommerce solution for business

TrueLoaded Ecommerce solution is a 3rd generation Ecommerce software, developed by Holbi Group utilising their 14 years experience delivering award-winning Ecommerce websites to businesses from all over the world
TrueLoaded is substantially faster and more reliable than a great deal of other Ecommerce software, including such as Magento CE
TrueLoaded customizable front end


TrueLoaded featured back end


TrueLoaded is full of features, including such unique ones as:

Visually managed responsive design

Theme management

Visual content management system

Multiple frontends (with or without super-admin)

Mobile-friendly website

Product properties and dynamic filters

On-site SEO modules

Drag-and-drop technology for easier system management

Fully translatable system texts and support for multiple languages in descriptions

Use of Google maps throughout the system

Visual management of Email and document templates

Supplier, cost, profit management and price models

Configurable products and bundles

Additional extra features include:

eBay and Amazon integration


Integration with accounting and business management software (Sage, Quickbooks, MYOB, Mamut, Exact)

sage quickbooks myob mamut exact

Why TrueLoaded?

Holbi’s TrueLoaded Ecommerce is a tool an online retail business can use to improve
their turnover and profit, to grow and develop, streamline their efficiency.
Besides its great unique features, TrueLoaded is substantially more effective than a
number of other solutions available on the market, including Magento CE.

TrueLoaded is on average 40 points (out of 100) faster than Magento when comparing mobile front ends, and 10 points (out of 100) faster when comparing desktop versions:

TrueLoaded is also better prepared for SEO than Magento CE:

Interested in TrueLoaded?