Ecommerce Development

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Our approach

  • Search and User Friendly Design
  • Quick and Easy Secure checkout
  • Payment and Shipping methods
  • Editable unlimited product catalogue
  • Easy Administration interface (with Multilevel Administrator access)

Holbi's Platform features included

  • Multicurrency with Default currency
    Set default currency (be it £ GBP, $ USD, € EUR or anything else) and add multiple additional currencies. Currency exchange rate can be downloaded from 3rd party sites or set manually. Prices are set in default currency and then get automatically calculated for each additional currency.
  • Multiple languages support
    Add multiple languages to the shop. Product names and descriptions can be specified in different languages. Content pages, system texts and messages can be translated (a number of standard translations already exist).
  • RRP, Sale, "You save" prices
    Set current price, recommended retail price (RRP), sale price and get the system display them together correctly and along with the "You save" figure
  • International Tax policies (VAT on/off)
    Tax rates pre-configured for the UK and most European countries. Additional tax zones, tax classes and tax rates could be set up for any territory in the world
  • Product Import / Export to CSV (MS Excel friendly) or XML
    Save time by editing products on mass. Export product catalogue into an MS Excel friendly format (CSV) or XML. MS Excel or other software to edit and then import data back into the system.
  • Product variants (inventory) and attributes
    Essential feature for products such as, for example, clothing, where product model depends on a number of attributes (colour, size, etc). Each product variant is defined by a set of attribute values and may have its own product code, stock value and picture
  • Product properties
    Additional product properties become a part of the detailed description. Advanced search filters use properties to quickly locate specific products
  • Brand and Category manager
    Manage product brand (manufacturer) and category information
  • Bundle manager
    Increase sales by creating money-saving offers - product bundles. Set unique name, description and default discount for each bundle. Bundle price gets updated automatically if individual product price changes
  • Searchable Product catalogue
    Ability to search through the product catalogue by name, description, price, category, brand and, additionally, product properties
  • Product Autosuggest search box
    Product options appear as you type keywords in the search bar. Could be additionally configured to search in blog posts, information pages, etc 
  • Short SEO friendly URLs and Support for Rich Snippets
    Essential SEO features (part of the on-site SEO strategy) that allow for specifying short SEO friendly URLs for individual products. SEO URLs are created automatically by the system otherwise. Sites are designed having Rich Snippets on product and other pages for better SEO.
  • Google Shopping export and Google Analytics set up with Ecommerce conversion tracking
    Get more traffic and sell more by listing products on Google Shopping. Assistance with Google Shopping configuration and its link with Google Adwords can be provided. Google Analytics gets installed and is an essential part of the pre-integrated Analytics solution. Google Analytics is set up with Ecommerce conversion tracking scripts by default.
  • HTML email template with your design
    Shop's emails to customers will look and feel as per the design of your shop
  • Promotion, Sales and Marketing tools (new and featured products, special price offers, Sales!, Multi-buy discount, Up- and X-sell products, freebies (give aways))
    Tools to help promote specific products, direct customers towards particular product ranges, sell more products together, get more turnover, free up space in the warehouse
  • Wholesale B2B (Customer and price groups)
    Special front end login for B2B customers, with their own products and product prices after log in. Specific payment methods (on account, etc) could be configured for business customers. 
  • Product reviews approved and edited by administrator
    Users can leave product reviews which then get approved (or edited and approved) by site's administrator 
  • Shopping cart with product info, changaable quantities, shipping estimates, totals
    Clear, easy to understand shopping cart page with product information, order properties, order totals. First part of the checkout process.
  • Payment Gateways, Discount vouchers and coupons
    Support for various payment gateways (payment methods), and also discount vouchers (such can be used in Marketing and Customer support). Default payment methods include PayPal, Sage Pay, Checkout by Amazon, Google, and many others
  • Shipping carriers, Free Shipping, Delivery price tables
    Implemented are a number of shipping methods, including support for free shipping on orders of certain value. Additionally a special matrix which can be used to set delivery charges to various countries of the world comes as standard
  • SPAM protected contact form
    Special contact form with CAPTCHA
  • Editable content pages (About, Contact us, etc)
    Create content, change styles, publish - with Holbi's CMS for Ecommerce administration
  • Sales Statistics
    A number of advanced reports that show sale figures per hour, day, month, year 
  • Invoice and Packing slip printable
    Essential order documentation gets produced as normal and then printed. 
  • Import existing products
    Existing products can be imported if provided in a CSV or XML format 
  • Import existing customers and orders
    Customer and order data to be transferred to the new system, often without loss of password information