eCommerce development

eCommerce development

Holbi has been involved into Ecommerce development since 2002 when we created and successfully launched the first several

Ecommerce websites

of our customers in the UK and USA.
Since then we developed and launched over 2,000

online shops

in multiple countries.
Ecommerce development is not just about development
Interview We interview our client and access their business, their current website(s), websites of their competitors. We aim to understand strategic goals of our lient so that the

Ecommerce website

would not just address current needs but provide a reliable platform for growth and flexibility in the future.
Business processes map
We create a map of business processes and see how the

new website

will fit into it.
Business processes map
Creating of a wireframe model that will describe the architecture of the new website and explain the main interactions, involving users of different roles.
We create

unique graphic design

or use existing graphics and integrate it with the Ecommerce engine - TrueLoaded.
Set up and configuration
Set up and configuration
We will set up the latest stable version of our e-commerce platform and configure it to your specifications and requirements. We will also fill in data fields as per your business information.

Custom development

Many businesses require bespoke tailor-made solutions. Holbi is capable of implementing any such custom feature or integration with 3rd party software. Our back end and front end development teams are at your services!
Custom development
We add various features, run tests before the site is presented to the client for acceptance testing.
Holbi will launch your new or updated website. We understand the importance of the correctly performed site launch, and will ensure it is done with minimum disruption to the business and your Google rankings.
Support and maintenance

Support and maintenance

Ecommerce development doesn't cease with launch. Holbi is happy to offer continuous support and maintenance services to their clients to ensure new

e-commerce solutions

grow and develop along with the rest of the business.
Ecommerce development from Holbi also involves site launch
We have a special

Ecommerce Hosting

department that deals with servers, configurations and maintenance.
The work doesn't stop at the site launch. As our client's business develops we are often asked to support and maintain the website, add more features, or create additional

Ecommerce front ends

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What our customers say
archery shop

These guys have been really good. Probably my favourite team of developers in the last 5 years. The thing I appreciate most about them is the no BS approach. They will not waste your time. They will really try to be mindful about the deadlines and about the the budgets. And they will assume responsibility in case something goes wrong - and they will fix it, sometimes faster than you might expect and / or with better results. Worst case scenario, you might go over the deadline but not over the budget. And things will always work out, eventually :)) - sometimes better than expected!

Stefan Iacob

Stefan Iacob

United Kingdom


We have a long relationship working with Holbi now across our group of companies and we've worked together over the years to launch (and relaunch) a number of our company websites. They have always been extremely flexible in accommodating our web project requirements, irrespective of time or budget constraints we've had to work to.
We've found we can always rely on their technical expertise to fulfil very niche or bespoke requirements, we've put some very unique briefs to them in the past and they've always managed to find a solution.

Jodie TipperĀ 

Jodie Tipper

United Kingdom

double alpha

I was looking for an Ecommerce book for quite some time and came across Vadym’s book. Initially I was surprised the book was not technical, but I soon realized that all what I needed was covered in a very simple language, straight forward with no fluff or unnecessary repetition. Vadym’s provides useful insight, touches on various topics and provides real examples which as a whole gives you a solid perspective of how an Ecommerce site should function.

Eli Huttner

Eli Huttner


us media

I have been working with the Holbi group for 10+ years. Their work is outstanding in every aspect. From programmming to web design, they do it all for us and I would never even consider using another company. Our latest ecommerce website project has exceeded my expectations once again. Thank you Holbi!

Therese Petruzzelli

Therese Petruzzelli

United States

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