Ecommerce solution Amazon Ebay

Trading on Amazon and eBay, and running an Ecommerce site can be tricky.

Holbi’s fully integrated Ecommerce solution with Amazon and eBay features is an answer to the problem!

  • Ecommerce solution acts as master database
  • Amazon and eBay automatically receive product feed from the website (not all products have to be uploaded)
  • Ecommerce website downloads orders from Amazon and eBay for processing in the back end
  • order status updates, and tracking numbers get sent back to Amazon and eBay
  • Extra feature – answer eBay messages directly in the back end of the website!

Integration is fully automated and is suitable for a wide variety of products, including car spare parts (with compatibility list).

Holbi’s Ecommerce solution integration with Amazon and eBay marketplaces helps create omni channel business for your company.

Interested? Why not get in touch to discuss how Holbi can deliver Ecommerce connected to Amazon and eBay for you.