Ecommerce solution Sage Accounts

Automated integration between Sage Accounts and your Ecommerce solution from Holbi.

Benefits for business:

  • cut costs (cheaper than data entering)
  • exclude human error element from your processes
  •  speed up data synchronisation between systems
  •  one master database
  • stock and price figures always correct
  • happy accountant, faster accounts
  • more positive feedback
  • no more selling out of stock items

How it works?

  • one or both ways data synchronisation once every several minutes or hours
  • order data gets uploaded into Sage from the Ecommerce website
  • product price and stock data can get uploaded from Sage to the site
  • support for multiple websites, if required
  • optional support for inventory items, customer groups and pricing, tax classes, and many more

Have Sage Accounts and would like for your Ecommerce site to be integrated with it?

Get in touch with our business development team today to discuss Sage and Ecommerce integration requirements.