Powerful Commerce Super Admin

“White label” multi-business Ecommerce solution

Manufacturers and Distributors

Manufacturers and Distributors
- Offer free Ecommerce to your clients, under our brand

Grow your business by helping your retail partners with Ecommerce.  Offer free or  low cost online shops with their unique designs, domains, product range, and content. Let your retail partners manage  their  new  Ecommerce  websites  and easily receive and fulfil their purchase orders.

Web designers and developers
- Earn more with cheap-to-build Ecommerce websites, under your brand

Increase profit by creating top-notch easily managed Ecommerce websites for your   clients. New online stores are quick to design and launch.

Web designers and developers

Main concept

  • –°reate and manage any number of shops as independent businesses
  • Assign managers and admin members to each shop
  • “White labeled” Ecommerce solution uses  your brand
  • Access products and orders of each shop or all shops together
  • Optional – bill your customers on a monthly basis for the shops they run
  • Each shop is based on Holbi’s Powerful Commerce solution
independent businesses

Create and manage any number of shops as independent businesses

Powerful Commerce Super Admin allows for adding new shops quickly and easily. Each website may come with its own domain name, if upported by the hosting solution, or be a sub-domain of your domain. Each website can be configured to run as an independent business, with unique contact details, company information, URL, design, product range, etc

Each shop is based on Holbi’s Powerful Commerce solution

Holbi’s Powerful Commerce is a fast, secure, feature-rich Ecommerce solution. Every new shop created for your clients will be based on Powerful Commerce, meaning your clients will instantly get a state-of-the-art online shop, along with support and upgrades in the future (subject to a support agreement with Holbi).

Powerful Commerce solution
managers and admin members

Assign managers and admin members to each shop

Add yours clients as managers (or Admin members) of their Ecommerce websites. Once logged in, your clients will see their own Admin panel with access to their own products, customers, orders, etc depending on the permissions. You will be able to access every shop, if required, as Super Admin.

Access products and orders of each shop or all shops together

Super Admin allows for access to individual shops using your Super Admin permissions. It is also possible to implement special features where products, customers, and orders from all shops are made available for review inside the Super Admin.

Access products and orders
White labeled

“White labeled” Ecommerce solution uses your brand

Holbi offers their Powerful Commerce Super Admin with a white label option. We can replace our brand with yours, so that your customers know the solution is provided by your company.

Optional – bill your customers on a monthly basis for the shops they run

Optional extra billing feature could be provided along with the Super Admin to bill your clients for the shops they run on a monthly, quarterly, annual, or any other basis.

bill customers

About Holbi

Holbi is a trading name of Holbi Group Ltd. We believe in online sales and specialise in providing bespoke, turnkey Ecommerce solutions to small and medium sized businesses from all over the world.

We are Ecommerce design and development experts, but Holbi also provides online business consultancy services to online retailers, distributors, manufacturers, companies and individuals who rely on technology and gear their sales through the Internet.

Besides turnkey Ecommerce solutions we have a number of modules, integrations and supporting services that assist online retailers ensure efficient operation of their businesses on all levels.

Being a leading provider of bespoke Ecommerce services to SMEs, Holbi is a true one-stop-shop for all of your Ecommerce needs. To fulfill other customer requirements, we continue to build our network of carefully selected non-competitive partner companies.


60+ full time employees

Brief history:

Founded in 2000, Holbi has been specialising in custom eCommerce solutions since 2002. We have extended our portfolio with DataLink software in 2006 to integrate eCommerce platforms with ERP and Accounting systems. We have further grown the list of our services by launching Bullseye Media in 2008 effectively offering online marketing, SEO, PPC, email and social marketing services to online retailers in the UK, Europe, USA, Australia and other countries and territories. Today Holbi is a leading UK provider of custom Ecommerce solutions for small and medium retail businesses.

What our customers say

the archery shop

These guys have been really good. Probably my favourite team of developers in the last 5 years. The thing I appreciate most about them is the no BS approach. They will not waste your time. They will really try to be mindful about the deadlines and about the the budgets. And they will assume responsibility in case something goes wrong - and they will fix it, sometimes faster than you might expect and / or with better results. Worst case scenario, you might go over the deadline but not over the budget. And things will always work out, eventually :)) - sometimes better than expected!

Stefan Iacob

Stefan Iacob


United Kingdom


We have a long relationship working with Holbi now across our group of companies and we've worked together over the years to launch (and relaunch) a number of our company websites. They have always been extremely flexible in accommodating our web project requirements, irrespective of time or budget constraints we've had to work to.
We've found we can always rely on their technical expertise to fulfil very niche or bespoke requirements, we've put some very unique briefs to them in the past and they've always managed to find a solution.

Jodie Tipper 

Jodie Tipper 


United Kingdom

double alpha

I was looking for an Ecommerce book for quite some time and came across Vadym’s book. Initially I was surprised the book was not technical, but I soon realized that all what I needed was covered in a very simple language, straight forward with no fluff or unnecessary repetition. Vadym’s provides useful insight, touches on various topics and provides real examples which as a whole gives you a solid perspective of how an Ecommerce site should function.

Eli Huttner

Eli Huttner



us media

I have been working with the Holbi group for 10+ years. Their work is outstanding in every aspect. From programmming to web design, they do it all for us and I would never even consider using another company. Our latest ecommerce website project has exceeded my expectations once again. Thank you Holbi!

Therese Petruzzelli

Therese Petruzzelli


United States