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Holbi launches a comprehensive solution called Wolq

Holbi launches a comprehensive solution called Wolq

PRESS RELEASE Holbi launches a comprehensive solution called Wolq An ERP and webshop solution in one system Wolq is officially launched today. Wolq is a product of cooperation between Solidion Group and Holbi Group, and their joint venture Holbi Europe. Both companies have their professional competence combined in one product ­ Wolq.

Ginja Swimwear

Remember our blog post about Baku Australia and a another line of stylish swimwear about to be launched? Well, now a brand-new collection of sexy female swimwear has found a website to nest on! Holbi's team of web designers and developers are pleased to present to you another website in their portfolio -

Datalink UK LTD, Holbi becomes the Loaded 7 partner

Datalink UK LTD, Holbi proudly announces the recently established partnership with Loaded 7. Holbi has become the provider of Amazon and Ebay connectors service for Loaded 7. Loaded Commerce who trades the open source shopping cart software has addressed Holbi eCommerce specialists with their specific need in automated connections to Amazon and eBay Marketplaces. Holbi enabled such service that connects ans synchronizes customer accounts orders and product data between Amazon, Ebay and the Loaded 7 site. Usually only the sync product data is offered by the solutions of a kind, however, Holbi e-Commerce specialists were able to provide Loaded 7 merchants with the significant upgrade in the connecting services. Loaded 7 have shared their excitement with the new service in the “delicious” press-release:

Save £75 with Our Special Sage Pay Offer

Our long-time partner Sage is now offering a special deal to all of Holbi's customers. At just £225,00+ VAT (for 12 months or a total of 4000 transactions) you can get all the benefits of Sage Pay's payment processing services which will save you £75.00 + VAT!All you need to do is to subscribe to our special Sage Pay deal by clicking on our referral link here.

Sports Fan to Sell Footy Goods via Enhanced Online Store

Our eCommerce portfolio's just been enhanced by yet another project. The order to design a web shop came from a hard-core Australian sports fan (primarily rugby football). The customer wanted an efficient feature-rich solution to sell online all types of sports-related accessories and souvenirs, with product branding according to a particular team.

Library Jobs to Be Easily Found in Australia and New Zealand

Being experts in online business development, we never restrict ourselves to solely eCommerce projects. Time and again we help companies and organisations of all types and sizes to enter the world of online business, being already optimised for high search engine rankings to immediately attract traffic and increase conversion rates. This time we took up a task to design a web site to become a job market platform for people from Australia and New Zealand seeking jobs in the library and information services sector.

Mathmos Get Their Store Synchronised with Sage 50

Mathmos is a British company known worldwide for its range of award winning ambient lights, also known as lava lamps. Founded back in the early 1960s, the company's been making millions of people happy to both give and own Mathmos products ever since. Headquartered in Poole, Dorset, the enterprise has a busy operation with a huge order flow, selling its novelty items via an online store to customers across the world. It comes, therefore, as no surprise, that at some point the management at Mathmos decided to employ an accounting system to keep record of all its operations in the most convenient and time-saving manner.

Double-Alpha Academy

Established in 2002, Double-Alpha Academy is a Dutch company selling a whole range of CED products (practical shooting weaponry) . The company's employees are a team of active shooters, led by world-class champion Saul Kirsch. That's why they are truly passionate about their goods, supplying only top-quality products to dealers and distributors in Europe with greatly reduced lead times and shipping costs.

Baku Australia

Baku is one of Australia's leading swimwear brands. Behind it are Dax and Tamara Bykerk, a brother-sister design duo, whose vision and hard work have earned their enterprise a reputation of the best-selling swimwear brand in Australia. The Holbi team has done a great job designing a new promo web site for the brand's 2011 swimwear collection -

PrimRose Accessory, Brand-New Web Shop in US

Being a British company, we are always happy to share our expertise and the best eCommerce practices with the rest of the world. Such was the case with one of our American long-term customers – Based in Texas, USA, they operate five stores in different cities selling fashionable accessories, handbags and jewellery. Unlike most enterprises today that import their products from abroad, Primrose are manufacturing their products in the US, which certainly gives them a commercial edge. We know it because the guys from Primrose have been working with us for over 10 years now on a variety of Ecommerce projects.

The Shisha Shop UK

One of the UK's most popular online retailers of shisha pipes, flavours and other smoking paraphernalia, is a long-term customer of ours. It was not until recently that they decided to launch a mobile version of their web site and asked the guys from Holbi to help them tap into M-commerce. Our markup engineers came up with a perfect solution optimising the web shop to do its best on mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad.

Google Now cards

Google published a presentation of the new service Google Now, which had been previously announced at Google I/O conference as part of the operating system Android 4.1.

Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad

Today at Google I/O conference the following news was announced: Google Chrome browser has been developed for iOS. The interface fits overall Android-version and synchronisation functions are supported.  The new Google Chrome for iPhone and iPad can be acquired in AppStores USA, and it is spreading globally.

Facebook generates Emails for their users

If you are a Facebook member, check out your profile - you will see that your main e-mail which publicly shows to everyone is, and all the other services are hidden. That occurs even if you didn't have a Facebook e-mail account before - it has been generated for you automatically.

Ticketing systems: What you need to know

Everything you need to know about ticketing systems has been described in a research made by one of our marketers. Answering most frequently asked questions about top popular ticketing systems.